Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Miniature Bouquet

This little bouquet of pink roses, carnations, daisies, alstromeria and other flowers caught my eye at Whole Foods the other day. Only $8.99 for this happy little bouquet. 

Ella, our beagle, stopped to smell the roses, below. A good reminder to find pleasure in the small things.


  1. Hi Claudia: Yes, sometimes even Whole Foods has a good deal on flowers. This is so pretty with the pink and green contrast.
    How are you doing? I'm sure the house seems quiet these days. It's a difficult time, but, as with everything, time does heal (but the memories are always part of us, thank goodness.) Thinking of you...

    1. Oh Libby, thank you for thinking of me. We are doing alright, I think in part because we had a long time to prepare for Phoebe's death (unlike when we lost Winnie). The house is a bit quieter, but not much with noisy Ella the beagle. She's a talker! Thank goodness we have her and Henry to keep us occupied. Thanks again for your sweet words.

  2. Pretty pinks! Isn't it sweet how dogs enjoy the scents of the garden, Andy always did. No Whole Foods or Trader Joe's near us ;o(


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