Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Seattle's glassybaby

One of the things I wanted to do while visiting my friend in Seattle was to go to the original glassybaby store in the Madrona neighborhood. I had been there before on a previous visit, but had not purchased any of their beautiful glass candle holders. If you are from the Seattle area, then you probably know of glassybaby. If not, here is a link to their website, which details the fascinating glassblowing process and the story of how the company gives back to the community. All the beautiful glass candle holders are handmade on site, and each one is unique, varying slightly in size and color.

When we arrived at the shop, I asked if I could take some photos for my blog. I always ask permission first, since some businesses are sensitive to photos being shared online. The ladies at glassybaby were so welcoming and helpful, even taking us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the inventory room and the "hot shop" where the magic happens. Look at all the colors! There's a shade for everyone's taste! With about 170 color choices, you can imagine how it took me a while to narrow down my selection.  

My friend is I what you might call a glassybaby collector. She has more than a dozen around her house -- and she bought two more the day we were at the shop. Below are just a few from her collection, which inspired me to start my own. The night before we went to glassybaby, we lit candles so I could see how each of hers looks lit in the dark versus unlit in the daylight. The colors can appear very different with and without candlelight, so it's important to like how each glassybaby looks lit and unlit.

Once in the store, I was a bit overwhelmed with choices. I don't do well when faced with lots of options, but after I narrowed down my selection to the neutrals and with some help from my friend and veteran glassybaby customer, I was able to make a decision. I chose beach, nest and wet dog. Glassybaby donates 10% from the sale of each "wet dog" to The Humane Society of the United States to help rescue dogs from natural disasters and abusive situations. This fact definitely helped me choose that color!

Here's what our new glassybabies look like on our mantel. The colors are, left to right: nest, wet dog and beach. 

I didn't want to carry my purchase on the plane or pack them in my checked luggage, so I opted to have them shipped to my home, free of charge. If you don't live near Seattle, you can purchase glassybaby through their website.

Or, keep you eye out for a city near you this fall, when glassybaby will be hitting the road for a glassroots tour. They'll be visiting 30 cities over the course of 16 weeks from September until Christmas. On the list so far are Portland and Bend, Oregon; Sun Valley, Idaho; Jackson, Wyoming; Chicago and Detroit. I hope they make it to a city near me!


  1. What fun! I want some glassy babies too! Seattle is so fun to visit, we were there for only a short time, I want to go back.

    1. Cindy, the glassroots tour will be bringing glassybaby to Asheville, NC, in October! Maybe you can make it. I'm not sure of the dates. You can keep up with this nationwide event at

  2. Oh goodness, I love love love your glassybabies! You chose well - they are fabulous on your mantle - very elegant and chic. I imagine they are just as gorgeous when they are lit.

    I would have been dumb-founded by the selection as well! Look at all those shades. It is magic.

  3. The glassybabies look gorgeous on your mantle!

  4. I have yet to purchase a glassybaby, but I think they're so beautiful! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time in seattle :)


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