Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Whidbey Island, Washington

A short drive and ferry ride from Seattle is Whidbey Island. When I visited my friend in July, she asked if I wanted to go to Bainbridge Island or Whidbey Island. I chose Whidbey, not knowing much about either place. I'm sure you can't go wrong with either! 

The morning ferry ride over to Whidbey was quite chilly and I was underdressed. Fortunately I had on jeans, but only a t-shirt on top. One of the first things I did when we arrived in the cute village of Langley was to find a store where I could buy a jacket. I found a nice navy windbreaker by Landway for a decent price. I was glad to have it, because it didn't warm up until a bit later when the fog lifted and the sun came out.

There are many cute businesses on Langley's main street. How charming is this animal hospital! Just look at the plantings and that beautiful hydrangea!

Around 10:30, we stopped at Useless Bay Coffee Company for a snack. My friend had a latte and muffin, while I enjoyed a gluten-free cookie and the most delicious hot chocolate I've had since my husband and I were in Paris six years ago. Even though the sun was out by this time, it was still chilly. I'm used to the hot summer weather of the Southeast, and this drop in temperature was a shock to my system.

Below is First Street in the town of Langley. Charming galleries, antiques shops, bookstores and cafes line the streets of this little village. There's even a chocolate-themed shop called Chocolate Flower Farm - The Garden Shed where you can buy flowering Cosmos that smells just like dark chocolate! 

Below is The Inn at Langley. My friend has stayed here twice. I took a peek into one of the guest rooms overlooking the water and the Spa, which also overlooks the water. Wouldn't it be a treat to stay here!

This bronze statue is called The Boy and His Dog. What a lovely view he has!

I love visiting galleries when I'm traveling. At Brackenwood Gallery, I purchased this pretty stone and silver necklace made by Washington state jeweler Rebecca Bashara -- a lovely, handcrafted piece to add to my collection. You can purchase her work via Etsy.

I so enjoyed our day on Whidbey Island and hated to leave. On our trip back to the mainland, our ferry was unable to dock due to a medical emergency on the ferry in port. We ended up sitting in the middle of the sound for an hour. At one point, the captain announced were were going to have to head back to the island, which caused my friend to panic just a bit because we needed to get back by a certain time to pick her son up from camp. Fortunately, they were able to move the ferry on the mainland side so we didn't have to turn back. But I have to admit, it was lovely to be out on the water soaking up the sun. I actually came home from Seattle with a bit of a tan!


  1. Whidbey Island looks idyllic! I have always wanted to go there, and now I'm even more convinced. Thank you also for putting up the link to Rebecca Bashara's jewelry: your necklace is gorgeous.

  2. It all looks just heavenly! Maybe a trip out there is in order. And, funny thing, I had many dealings with the Chocolate Flower Farm last year. She was one of the very few who sold the Scabiosa Black Knight seeds! We had some problems, but she was very nice about it all, and yes, I now , finally have ONE plant about a foot high!

  3. Claudia, so pleased you had a nice getaway. Looks positively charming. Nothing beats the west coast. I love the light and the moisture in the air and the ruggedness. I need a trip now!!
    Xo Terri

  4. Ohhhh, what lovely photos! I am always so impressed with the flowers and trees of the Pacific Northwest. I remember the smell of cedar in the forest, and the briny saltwater air. Your post brings back nice memories of traveling up and down the BC coast.

    I love your necklace - it's the best kind of souvenir - along with Glassybabies, of course!


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