Sunday, October 26, 2014

Edisto Beach Trip

We returned home a week ago from our vacation to the South Carolina coast. Edisto Beach is probably our favorite place on earth. About an hour and a half south of Charleston, Edisto is a small, quiet, family beach. There are no hotels or motels, no stop lights and just one grocery store.

For my husband and I, the beach is the most relaxing, peaceful place on earth. Our dogs love it too. This year's trip to Edisto was our first since losing our beloved Phoebe. I thought of her and Winnie (her "sister" who passed away prior to Phoebe) many times during our week at Edisto. But having Henry and Ella there for the first time was delightful and provided an opportunity to create new memories.

Nature abounds at Edisto and we always meet the nicest people while walking on the beach or dining at the local restaurants. Among the highlights this year were:
  • A bald eagle sighting.
  • Watching an osprey dive multiple times into the sound and eventually coming away with a fish.
  • A small and charming arts and crafts street fair at which we purchased a few photographs taken by a local photographer/retired schoolteacher, with whom we had a wonderful conversation about Edisto wildlife.
  • Canoeing in the sound and having close encounters with wild dolphins.
  • A day trip to Beaufort, SC, where I took several photos of the town's charming waterfront, marina and historic homes. I'll be doing a post on Beaufort next. 

Ella and I enjoyed some cuddle time in the hammock on the screened porch while Henry kept an eye on the beach from his perch on daddy's lap.

The photo below was taken by a woman on the beach as Paul, the dogs and I were enjoying a canoe ride at sunset on our last night at Edisto (I'm on the left, Paul's on the right and the two little dots in the middle are the pups). When we pulled ashore, the woman called over to us to say she had taken our photo on her phone and would email it to me. How nice! We're very happy to have this photo, which captures a perfect end to a wonderful beach trip.

You can see previous posts about our beach vacations here, here, here and here.

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  1. Lovely Claudia! Yes, I agree that the beach is probably the most relaxing place of any. I'm just sorry I can't bake in the sun anymore!!! You return feeling so refreshed and renewed, right? Welcome back!

  2. It looks like a perfect vacation - lots of quiet, nature, and time to create memories.

  3. Claudia, how gorgeous and so lovely a getaway for you and your husband and the dogs! I can vouch for your claims - we honeymooned in charleston, savannah and Fripp island and the whole area is gorgeous. Beaufort was our stopping place every day for a coffee as we passed through town on our way back and forth from Fripp island where we stayed 9 days. I loved Beaufort and I am doing a post on our trip soon too!!!! Your post brings back memories and so exciting that we were in the same place and saw the same things!!!!! Xo Terri

  4. Oh so beautify, Claudial and love that your dogs were able to join you. The perfect canoe sunset shot!

    So love this part of the country and Edisto is special because of its lack of commercialism. The beach and the water... I am missing them up in the mountains. But we will be back in the Low Country at Thanksgiving. How nice you had a great week, smart time of the year to enjoy the coast.

  5. Edisto looks beautiful! I had never heard of it before but think I may duck it out, especially since its so close to charleston one of my favorite cities.


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