Saturday, November 1, 2014

Historic Beaufort, SC

I should begin this post with some history. Whenever my husband and I spend a week at Edisto, we can never tear ourselves away from the beauty of the beach to explore the surrounding area. So it was quite unusual for us this year to spend a day away from the beach in order to drive an hour and a half south to explore Beaufort (pronounced "Byou-fert" with a long "u" rather than a long "o").

Beaufort is a lovely small town located on Port Royal Island, one of the largest sea islands along the southeastern Atlantic coast. According to the Beaufort visitors guide website, Beaufort is one of just a handful of U.S. towns that has had its entire downtown designated an historic district by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Below are shots of the pretty Beaufort waterfront. We had lunch at a waterfront restaurant before walking to the marina. The day was spectacular: warm and breezy.

At the marina are signs that tell visitors about the right whale and manatee, both of which frequent the waters of this area. The sign about manatees asks motorists to help protect the endangered mammals by not feeding or watering them, which lures the animals to areas where they are more likely to be struck by boats.

Beaufort has many beautiful historic homes, like the ones below with intricately carved railings and trim work, red roofs and other distinctive features. 

I like the details of the green siding on the house below, which is home to the Beaufort Female Benevolent Society. The patterns of the siding are different on the front and on the side, as seen in the close ups. 

What a gorgeous water view! This home sits at the corner of Bay and New Streets. 

Marble steps and a checkerboard walkway grace the entrance of another private residence built in 1852.

Double porches and porch ceilings painted light blue to ward off evil spirits are frequently seen on homes in the South.

Notice the trim on the house below. Isn't it cute? Spanish moss hanging from the trees is another common Low Country sight.

And then we met this very friendly cat, who kept rolling around on her back, wanting me to rub her belly. Such a sweetie.

After strolling the residential streets and photographing many wonderful old homes, we headed back to Bay Street and ducked into an ice cream shop for a delicious treat before doing some shopping. In Joli Home Accents, I purchased a small all-weather rug in a white and tan chevron pattern, which we'll use in our mudroom. This shop has many cute things for the home!


Further down Bay Street, at M Home & Garden, I splurged on a soy-based candle by Plat du Jour. It has the most wonderful scent of pine, balsam and fresh thyme. I could have one of these in every room of the house!  

As hard as it was to tear ourselves away from the beach for a day, I'm so glad we made the trip to Beaufort, a charming southern town with beautiful views, a great selection of restaurants and shops and loads of history. Of course, our time there was limited as we had to get back to our dogs. I'd love to stay a couple of nights in Beaufort some time so we can further explore the town and the neighboring islands, including Hunting Island State Park, which I've heard wonderful things about. 

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  1. I've never been to Beaufort but want to go! When Cindy at A Curious Gardener moved there and was going to build, I thought, great, now I can get to know her and Beaufort together! Well, now she's in Highlands so I will just have to get out there to explore and eventually meet her….So, maybe we will take a drive down to Beaufort and that entire gorgeous, beautiful area in the spring. Thanks for tempting me!

  2. I just moved from beaufort, SC. I lived there for approximately three years and still miss my cottage there. There are so many cute shops there too. I love the Rhett Gallery there too and have a beautiful original painting from there. So glad you enjoyed your visit. I am going back this week to pick up some personal items that I left when I sold our home with neighbors,

  3. We must go there! I need a big water break, and Beaufort looks like it would fit the bill. Thank you for the beautiful photos -- the architectural detail is fantastic.

  4. The homes look so beautiful and gracious with the porches. And the water views, how charming! I've never been to Beaufort. Hope I get to visit next year. I'd love to tour the gardens in early spring. Cheers

  5. So glad you liked Beaufort, Claudia! It is such a special town, such pretty scenery. I think you would love the beauty of Hunting Island, It is magnificent in our opinion, a rare unspoiled barrier island. St. Helena Island also has a rich history. The Beaufort historic district is so amazing. Did you learn about Robert Smalls and see his home? Quite an amazing story. He was born a slave in a lovely antebellum home in town and eventually became a US Congressman and purchased the home he had been raised a slave in! He allowed his previous owner to live her life in the home with his family the rest of her life.

    1. Cindy, thank you for sharing the story of Robert Smalls. I did not get to see his home, nor did I know his story. We had so little time in Beaufort before we had to head back to our dogs. I look forward to returning to explore more. It is a lovely area. We'll have to look into renting a house on one of the islands there. It would be an interesting change, since we've been staying at Edisto for so many years (but we love it there and it feels like a second home).


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