Friday, December 19, 2014


Last year I ordered this six-piece nativity scene from Willow Tree. It is such a lovely reminder of what the Christmas season is truly about. I had been looking for a nativity scene for some time, but wasn't finding just the right one for our home. When I saw this one, I knew it was perfect. I love the simplicity of its design and its muted colors. 

This side table is the only place in our small living room where I can display it. If I had more room, I'd buy the three wise men and the shepherd and stable animals as well. I do like the their new small-scaled Holy Family set, which might be a nice addition to our dining room during the Christmas season.

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful holiday season.
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  1. You and I are drawn to the same type of aesthetic. I love their simplicity as well.

    You should complete the rest of the set! The other pieces are all so beautiful. I'd cave for the Wise Men, the Shepherd and stable, and goat and ox, and probably the Sherperdess and the Zampognaro, just because I have no restraint for things like that.

    You'd find the room to display the whole nativity! Admit it!

    Happy Holidays to you and Paul. All the best. Enjoy and relax...

    1. Thanks, Ann. I also love the shepherd with Zampognaro. I have room for that one! And maybe a couple more animals. I love the angels too. I am considering the metal backdrop. I can see how this could become addictive! I could move it to the mantel and it could take over the entire space. Oh, dear!
      Have a lovely holiday and a happy new year,

  2. I love seeing photos of your home Claudia. It always has such a feeling of warmth and looks so welcoming xx


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