Thursday, February 26, 2015


Overnight we had quite the "snow storm" and this morning we awoke to a beautiful sight -- and no power! Fortunately it wasn't as bitterly cold as it has been. On the plus side, I had a workplace with power where I could go to stay warm. As the day wore on, the sun came out, the temperature rose above freezing and the snow on tree branches, sidewalks and streets melted. The power came back on around lunchtime, so that was a blessing. I'm so happy we had at least one decent snowfall this year!

Here's Ella in her winter coat. She can be tough to photograph sometimes. I had to lure her out into the snow with the promise of a "treat" but each time I'd turn the camera on her, she would hightail it back to the side door. Such a princess!  



  1. Even though we're sick of snow, I still think it's pretty when it's freshly fallen.

    1. I'm sure you are sick of snow by now, Steve! Down south, we get pretty excited about it (okay, some of us do, others freak out).

  2. It certainly does look pretty! Snow is such a pain though. We're equipped to handle it, and it's still an inconvenience. It was -8F this morning - again - and this winter can be over soon enough for me. I'm done with it!


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