Monday, March 9, 2015

Royal Rose Lavender-Lemon Simple Syrup

I just discovered Royal Rose Simple Syrup at our local wine store. The colorful packaging first caught my eye, then I was intrigued by the interesting flavor combinations. On the bottle are suggested uses, including cocktails, drizzling over ice cream, stirring it into tea or making your own soda by mixing with plain seltzer. It would also be delicious mixed into butter cream frosting on vanilla cupcakes!

Made in Maine by hand in small batches, Royal Rose syrups come in flavors such as rose (obviously), cardamom-clove, ginger-lime, saffron, three chiles and jasmine, to name a few. Their website shows 11 different flavors. Only a few were offered at our wine shop. I chose the lavender-lemon, but my husband -- he doesn't care for lavender in food or drink -- would have preferred the raspberry, or orange-vanilla (the latter of which our store doesn't carry). 

The story behind how the company came to be in interesting. You can read about it here. Their passion for making a quality product is evident. As stated on their website: "We hand-make every ounce of our syrup in small batches, using only whole ingredients, 100% organic and fair-trade sugar, and filtered water." Chemical preservatives, added colors and artificial flavors are never used, which is important to me. 

On the lavender-lemon syrup bottle is a recipe for a drink called a Lavender Royale. It calls for 1/4 oz. syrup to be added to sparkling white wine. While at the wine store, I bought a bottle of Conde de Caralt Blanc de Blancs cava for this very purpose. The hint of lavender and lemon with the sparkling wine is a lovely combination! I'll admit, I added a little extra syrup, making it closer to 1/2 oz. It's delicious. Cheers!  

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  1. I had discovered this last summer at the Union Market in Wash. D.C….same flavor! I love and adore it. I think maybe I did a post on it? My blog is down, indefinitely, with bad server issues so I can't even look up the post!! But yes, it is fabulous. I pour it over vanilla ice cream.

    1. Hey Libby, I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've been experiencing with your blog. I just visited and was able to see your posts. The one you did on Royal Rose syrup was on October 21, 2014. I even commented on your orange-lavender polenta cake, which I will have to make!

  2. Interesting Claudia!! Yes all these artisan syrups and elixirs out there now. The world of rum and cokes has been replaced by a much more elevated experience!! I will have to keep my eye out as we have some white wine drinkers in our crowd, and also a nice thing to try for summer!
    Now, I need to go read your post on the maple walnut cake. Too important to miss. And I owe you an email!!! My sincere apologies for the delay!!! Soon. Xo Terri

  3. Mmmm, I can imagine using this syrup in a buttercream frosting on lemon cupcakes! With lavendar sprigs as garnish. Wouldn't that be unique and tasty? Thanks for introducing me to this product line. I wonder if I can find this locally or will have to order on-line.


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