Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mudroom Renovation: Before & After

The mudroom is done! All that's left is the furniture and decorative accents. Walls, trim, doors and floor have been repaired, primed and painted.  I have to hand it to my husband, Paul. He did a fantastic job! 

A note about the floor color: we had purchased Smokehouse by Sherwin-Williams, but once it was on the floor, we realized it was too milky for us. We wanted a deeper, richer brown. Another look at the color chart and Paul chose Well-Bred Brown, also by S-W. It's perfect, and I love the contrast between the dark floor and light walls

The only thing I'm a little concerned with is that this dark color shows every bit of dirt and dog hair, so it will take more effort to keep it looking clean. I have ordered an indoor-outdoor sea grass rug from Home Decorators which will protect the floor and add texture and warmth to the room. It will also give the doggies a softer spot to lay down on; our "rule" is that the dogs must stay in the mudroom, out of our way, while we're in the kitchen cooking, both for their safety and ours

Floor: S-W Well-Bred Brown 7027
A custom cabinet has been ordered from Room & Board, which is where we purchased our dining room table and chairs. I really like Room & Board's furniture and accessories, and most of what they sell is made in the U.S. which is a plus. The cabinet we ordered is made in my husband's home state of Wisconsin. It will take five weeks to produce, and another two to three to deliver, so it will be June before we get it.

The piece is from their Linear modular custom cabinet line. An online tool lets you build and visualize your cabinet by dragging and dropping inserts into a base unit. Several choices of widths, heights and finishes are available and there are many inserts to choose from.

As usual, when faced with lots of options I have difficulty making up my mind. I ponder and analyze to the point of confusion. I could have had this piece ordered weeks ago if I had just been able to decide on the details.

Originally, we planned to add a wine rack insert, but at the last minute we decided against it and opted for black perforated metal doors at the top instead. It's a bit edgier and more modern, and the black will tie in well with the natural steel base and hardware. There will be drawers at the bottom and tall doors in the middle. The cabinet will offer a lot of storage, which is just what we need. I can't wait to get it and start organizing!

Now for the big reveal. One of the most dramatic differences to me is the inside of the exterior door, which used to be a dreary, streaky grey. Now it's so nice and bright. Paul painted the mullions and filled the screw holes -- I really appreciate his detailed nature. It looks a hundred times better! Now I'm not in such a hurry to buy a new door.


 Thanks for following along -- and for your comments!
UPDATE: Check out this page to see our new mudroom storage cabinet! 


  1. Such a beautiful and warm color palette! Dark floors do show lint and dust, but very forgiving with others. Should be fine with dirt, though. I have the opposite: white floors....always challenging with two doggies.

  2. Your husband is awesome. Well done! I like the brown floor. Will be so much fun to fill the new cabinetry when it arrives.

  3. It all looks so fresh and clean - congrats! I love the floor colour, and I adore how the grain of the wood still shows through.

    Your new furniture sound great! Maybe they'll surprise you and it will arrive sooner!

  4. Wow, I cannot believe the difference in the before and after photos. Truly amazing! Y'all have inspired me to get my own mudroom clean and organized :) Thanks for sharing your progress!

  5. Congratulations. It looks fantastic! What a treat to come home to every day. Great accomplishment.

  6. It looks amazing, Claudia! What polish. I especially love the hook.

  7. and while i loved (really!) the shabby appearance of the 'before' floor, i have to admit that the new finish is amazing. well done..


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