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Let's talk sheets, shall we? In the winter, I make the bed with flannel sheets. They are warmer than cotton sheets (I can't stand getting into a cold bed!) and they're nice and soft. I bought some quality flannel sheets from Garnet Hill that are made in Germany, and I'm very happy with them. Such a difference on a cold night with flannel sheets on the bed!

Once the weather starts to warm up, I switch to 100% cotton sheets. I vowed last summer would be the last for our old white sheets -- they were soft, but were sporting holes and frayed edges after just two seasons. So I went shopping for new sheets recently, but I wasn't sure whether to get the pricier, higher thread count sheets or go the bargain route. As I was feeling all the different sheet samples, I thought some of the higher thread count sheets had a stiffer feel to them. Maybe they soften after washing, but they just didn't feel good to me. Because of our mudroom project, I decided to save money by purchasing the less expensive sheets seen above. They're labeled 300 thread count but they are very thin. However, they are incredibly soft! I absolutely love the way they feel.

I was joking with my husband one morning about making sure we keep our toenails trimmed so we don't wear any holes in the sheets. We had a good laugh over that! Hubby said they have just enough threads to keep them held together. I'm afraid he might be right. If I add any bleach to the wash cycle they might disintegrate. In the long run, I probably didn't save much by buying these cheaper sheets since I may have to replace them next summer

So tell me, what sheets do you prefer? Linen? Cotton? A cotton/poly blend? I love the look of linen, but they are very pricey and I'll bet they wrinkle quite a bit. What about thread count? Is there a number you swear by? I find the whole subject confusing. I read that anything over 400 is just more expensive and not necessarily better and that frequently the thread count on the packaging is not even correct. I've also read there is no such thing as 1000 thread count.

Here are some interesting articles I found online. There's more to sheets than thread count. One thing I've learned: next time I'll be buying Egyptian cotton.

Linenplace: The Truth about Thread Count
Huffington Post: You're Buying Your Sheets Wrong
Style at Home Buying Guide

What's your favorite brand of sheets/thread count?


  1. The last sheets I bought had a high thread count (350?) and they did feel stiff in the package. But they've softened up nicely and are pretty thick. They cost more but there was a sale and they weren't too pricey. I find good sheets on sale in department stores.

  2. Hi Claudia, Both sets of ours are starting to wear out too, I have been mentioning to husband. I think thread count does not matter anymore as it seems to be used as a sales gimmick. We use to have a Ralph Lauren outlet near us in Ohio, so I bought ours there for years because it was easy. Up here, the stores have the primo brands, Matouk, Frette, etc. Cannot imagine investing so much in sheets because I like to bleach them every so often. Add this article about soft sheets to the list Post with what you decide!

  3. I like sheets labeled "percale" - not sure, but think it's a blend of cotton/poly. I like a bit of crispness to my sheets (unless they're my winter flannel sheets). I've been buying inexpensive sheets at Kohl's labeled "The Big One". They've worked just fine for me and have the crispness I desire.

  4. cotton for this gal and her hubby. even in winter. 3/4 of the year i hang them on the line outside. kiddingly i threaten my husband i'll clip my toenails to a point. it scares him. wink.

  5. I am very, very particular about my sheets too! I have become a total Garnet Hill groupie…they are all cotton and, for me the depth of the fitted sheet is a concern. Many (most) fitted sheets are made for a 15" mattress. Ours is 10". Problem! So I always check this out. But I just think Garnet Hill brand sheets (many are made in Portugal) are the best there is. I'm actually going to do a post on sheets also! have a new source to reveal…later!

  6. I'm a sheet freak, too. My pet peeve is not finding open stock sheets when all I want is an extra set of pillow cases, or a fitted sheet. Thread count doesn't matter to me, and with time I've become quite capable of figuring out quality just by feeling the sheets and looking at the country of origin. Supima or pima cotton, or long-staple Egyptian gets thumbs up from me. Bamboo gets thumbs down because it doesn't wear well and takes for-ev-er to dry.

    My favorite sheets come from L. L. Bean. I bought their 100% cotton jersey fitted sheets to replace a set from Ikea that wore like steel but felt like your favorite T-shirt. They also fit deep mattresses (another pet peeve of mine...WHY does a mattress need to be 16" deep, hmmm?) Needless to say, I liked the Ikea price more than the L. L. Bean price!

    The flannel sheets from L. L. Bean come from Portugal and they're very nice as well, but I've also lucked out at Costco where I've found very nice Portuguese flannel sheet sets at a great price. I then buy TWO sets, so I have 4 pillow cases, 2 fitted sheets, and from the 2 flat sheets, I sew a duvet cover. Win-win.

    I just recycled some old Missoni percale pillow cases that I found at TJ Maax going on to twenty (!) years ago. They were starting to fray at the seams, and I kept putting them back on the bed...finally...I had enough. Into the rag-bag they went. If every sheet were made like these Missoni sheets, I'd be a happy camper!

    I haven't caved for 100% linen sheets yet. Ikea had a set last year, but it looks like they've been discontinued. I remember they weren't too expensive, either. If I win the lottery, I'd visit Rough Linen's website and order new sheet sets for every one I know...

    Hope you're both doing well and enjoying spring!

    1. Interesting to learn that bamboo sheets don't wear well (considering how durable bamboo floors and cutting boards, etc., are) and take a long time to dry. I am glad I didn't buy them! Thanks for your feedback and insight!

  7. Here's another great article from Room & Board (my favorite furniture store):
    Simple and easy to understand, it explains thread count, fiber length and weave differences. R&B even offers bedding samples for those who don't live near one of their stores.


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