Monday, June 8, 2015

The Dahlia Garden: New Varieties

My husband surprised me one day by purchasing and planting a whole bunch of new dahlia tubers in a variety of colors. I don't think he saved the packaging though, so I'm not sure what type they are. There are a few of this deep, deep red flower, which looks even darker when displayed indoors -- very dramatic.

And yet another bud. This one has been tightly shut for a while now. I'm eagerly anticipating its bloom and can't wait to see what color it will be!

Here is the dahlia garden, minus our peachy-orange plant that is off by itself near the gate. It's not as tall and robust as usual, but there are some buds. 

I've planted a few herbs: Basil, Italian parsley and cilantro. Even though cilantro is supposed to like full sun, I find it does best in a container on our north-facing front porch. Below is my little basil plant. I hope it takes off so I can make pesto this year.

Lastly, below is a hydrangea that someone my husband works with gave to him. I have no idea what color the flowers will be, and I don't care because any hydrangea is a good hydrangea. It is small (that's a 6-foot fence behind it), but has grown nicely since it was planted about a month ago. It seems happy in the dappled sunlight of the backyard.

What's growing in your garden?


  1. Oh, I love dahlias too! Do you feed them, Claudia? Several times during the growing season? How often? I've tried a few different strategies with food but they all seem to do the same thing. I do think water (enough of it!) is the critical element for these plants. That color is just fabulous!!!

  2. Your dahlias are beautiful! My faves are peonies, which are in full bloom right now. Mind you, they don't get much mileage, especially when it rains. You're far better off with dahlias!

    Dahlias don't overwinter here, unless you dig up the bulbs and replant in spring. That's too high maintenance for me at this point. Maybe during retirement, so that'll have to wait!

    I've got a lot of herbs going, garlic bulbs too, and Eric planted his potatoes, so we can make fries in the fall. That sums things up.

    In the fields, we have soy beans this year, and they're growing by leaps and bounds. We've had a good mix of warmth, sun and rain lately. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it keeps up.

    Your hydrangea looks like it's establishing itself well. With all those pine needles, you should end up with blue flowers when it blooms.

    I think your lovely house could use a row of hollyhocks right behind your dahlias!

    Enjoy your beautiful flowers!

  3. I love mystery plants. If they are awful you don't mind tearing them out. If not they might be the best surprise in your yard. I have a climbing rose in my yard that was one of those free ones they send. To this day it is one of the most beautiful and hardy in my yard!

  4. You have a wonderful garden. I have a brown thumb but I am going to try sunflowers and daisies this year. Still waiting for them to come up (late planting season here this year).


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