Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Inspiration: Landscaping

If you've been following my blog for some time, you may recall the work we've done to our yard, including replacing a chain link fence with a 6-foot wooden privacy fence, removing a large tree and taking out a stand of overgrown privet. 

Now we have a blank slate to work with, which means I'm always thinking of ideas for landscaping our small backyard, both with both plantings and hardscape. Here are some photos of nicely designed small yards that provide inspiration for those of us with limited space.


  1. I love ALL these images/ideas!!! It is always fun to have a clean slate, and now with Fall approaching, the perfect time for planting. Show us all the details, Claudia!

  2. I have to agree with Libby, I love all of your choices.

    Just from a practical perspective, it's hard to maintain a small patch of grass when it's surrounded with walkways and patio stones and plants (Southview Design, I'm looking at you!). We have this on one side of our front entrance, and I keep threatening to turn it into a rock garden.

    Considering you have dogs, I'm sure you'll want to keep as large a grass surface as you can, with just perimeter plantings? Do let us know what you've been dreaming up!

    1. You know what's funny, Ann? Our two dogs, Ella and Henry, like to lay in the pine needles (Henry) or on the sidewalk (Ella). They'll roll around in the grass too, of course, but they are older and neither of them are interested in having a big grassy area to run and play in (they only run when the flush a rabbit on one of their long walks with daddy). But I imagine if we were to get a younger dog one day, it would be important to have as much of a grassy area as possible.


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