Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cleaning Vases

I've been using my mini vases quite a lot this summer, with all our wonderful dahlias for cutting. When water sits in the vase for a period of time, a film develops at the water line and it doesn't come off with normal washing.

A good, easy way to remove hard water stains like this is to fill the vase with a 50/50 combination of plain white vinegar and water and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then take a soft brush and scrub a little, then rinse -- the stain is gone.  

This little bottle brush is handy for cleaning vases and things you can't get a wash cloth into. I think I ordered a set of three brushes in different sizes years ago, and now I can't remember from where. The tip of this brush is a soft cottony material, and the bristles provide just enough friction without scratching. The result is a sparkling clean glass vase!


  1. If the vase is so narrow that a brush won't fit, sometimes putting uncooked rice inside with a little water works to "scrape" the vase clean.

  2. Ha! Same vase brushes, same method. Works wonders on wine carafes, too.

    Mine came from Lee Valley, set of three, made in Germany. Had them for many years and they're still going strong.

    Hope you're enjoying a fine weekend. Hot and humid here, going for a high of 88F, I'm sweating but NOT complaining LOL.

  3. Thank you......excellent tip !

  4. Casabella makes bottle brushes like that.


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