Saturday, May 7, 2016

This Year's Front Porch Planter

This year's planter follows a red, white and blue theme to go with the new flag we've hung on our front porch. The plants I chose this year are:

Asparagus fern
Coleus, Kong Jr. Rose
Compact red impatiens
White impatiens
Summer Wave Large Blue Wishbone (this plant is new to me; it trails so I think it will look pretty in the planter)


  1. I admit to looking forward to your planter posts every spring! Lovely arrangement. The Wishbone is new to me too. This will look wonderful with your flag.

    I saw Boston ferns at Costco and had to think of you!

    Hope you and Paul are enjoying your weekend!

    1. Thanks, you're so sweet! We are having a lovely weekend so far, hope you are. We went to the farmers market today and bought two hanging Boston ferns and two Kimberly Queen ferns for the front porch. The market was in full swing today, with tons of people there buying plants and flowers for Mother's Day.

  2. It's such a busy time in the garden, isn't it? I worked outside for almost six hours today and was just exhausted after that! And, I think I'm running out of space!!! Help... there are just too many wonderful plants to experiment with. Have a lovely week Claudia!


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