Sunday, July 10, 2016

Antiquing Adventure

Yesterday my husband and I went on an antiquing adventure. Through Facebook I discovered a huge antiques mall only an hour's drive from our home. Located in an old mill, the mall has 88,000 square feet of sales space with more than 600 individual dealers. It took us several hours to see it all!

Some booths, like the ones below, were so beautifully styled it made me want to buy everything. I saw lots of ironstone china and lots of awesome baskets, both wicker and wire varieties. I also saw many vintage glove molds, like the one in the photo below, under the white table. Once upon a time, I would have snagged it, but I don't have the right place for it now in our house.

We came home with some goodies, including a cowhide rug for only $165. It's roughly 60" x 64". The larger cowhides were $225, but they would have been too large for our small living room. 
Other items we purchased include this vintage hoosier jar with a unique raised dot pattern. It is 7" tall and 4.25" wide and was a bit of a splurge at $29. The lid goes on and off easily, so I'll store something in it -- not sure what yet.
I picked up a $5 half-pint milk bottle to use as a bud vase. The pink flower is the newest dahlia to bloom in the garden. It's a variety my husband planted this spring and I love how different it is from the others.
An avid life-long fisherman, my husband is drawn to any booth with vintage fishing rods and lures. He bought this old lure which he says is hard to find.
I love things with fleur-de-lis designs, partly because of my French heritage maybe. This rusted finial appealed to me both for its design and its finish. It was just $5. I've added it to my collection of old finials displayed on my kitchen windowsill.

A couple of other items, not shown, that I brought home include a $2 starfish and $8 aqua Ball jar. I love old jars, and the pale aqua ones are so pretty!

So that was our Saturday antiquing adventure. I am so glad my husband enjoys this sort of activity as much as I do. We have lots of fun scouting antiques stores together, especially when my husband goofs around, trying on wigs and hats and acting silly. He's a lot of fun and keeps me laughing.

We discovered that this particular mall is dog friendly, so next time we go, we'll bring Henry and Ella. I feel sure they'd be well behaved and would love the attention from dog-loving shoppers.

Last week we took them with us to a dog-friendly gelato shop. Henry and Ella loved the outing since they both got to lick the bowls after we finished our gelato. It's fun taking the dogs places like that, and I love that more and more businesses are opening their doors to canine members of the family! 

I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for visiting My Little Bungalow.       


  1. What a wonderful outing! Isn't it nice to discover new antique markets? I just put some roadside daisies in a little antique ink pot we found outside when we excavated our foundations. It's not sophisticated but it's like a treasure to me.

    Your dahlias are beautiful. I love the new pink one!

    Enjoy your Sunday, and hope the weather is nice. We have a rainy weekend, but we needed it.

    1. Yes, so much fun! I'll tell Paul you are admiring his dahlias. They are so beautiful to cut and bring into the house. Hope you get a good rain!

  2. What a fun place to shop! Love your purchases.

    1. Thanks, Mary Ann. I loved your photos from your vacation in Mexico!

  3. Thanks for taking us on your adventure. Looks like a great place and you sure got some wonderful things. I enjoy seeing pictures of your home and things. I like your style.


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