Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Flowers lift your spirits, don't they? I find it's the simplest pleasures of all that make me feel happy and content. I hope these photos will bring a smile to your face as they do mine.

The dahlias from our garden are loving the slightly cooler temps we've been having lately. During the brutal heat of summer, the dahlias are pitiful, but they bounce back once the weather turns cooler.

And here are some pretty white hydrangeas that I bought at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago. They're long gone, but I wanted to capture the way the light hit them as it streamed through the dining room window. So pretty. I wish I could have hydrangeas on the table year-round. For more inspiration, visit my flowers board on Pinterest.


  1. Oh, what gorgeous flowers!!! Yes, my dahlias are so much happier with all the rain and cooler temperatures...until the last few days. But it's supposed to cool down again this weekend, I think.

  2. Such lovely photos...sigh...if summer could only last a bit longer!

    This summer has been very kind to hydrangeas in our area. Despite having the hottest summer on record, every shrub I have seen has been lush with flowers which have now dried into a beautiful pink-brown. Gorgeous!

    Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather. Nary a night of frost here - very unusual for our region. We have a heavy rainfall warning for the weekend, which I'll take over a snowfall warning any day.

    Any fall-time planting going on in your garden?

    Hope you and Paul are well and have a relaxing weekend planned.

    1. First, let me thank you for all your wonderful comments. I LOVE reading them! They are like letters. So personal. Thank you!
      No, we're not planting anything this fall. Most of the plants we put in this year in the spring did not make it or did not do well after a terrible hail storm we had. Very sad and made me blue every time I looked at them. Our Japanese maple is doing beautifully though. It was a year ago we planted it to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Today is our 21st! We do have some fun plans for the weekend starting with a night in a fancy hotel (with the dogs, of course). More on that later!


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