Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Black Hibiscus Candle by India Hicks

In late November, one of my favorite bloggers, Joan, who writes the beautiful blog For the Love of a House, offered a giveaway, and I was the lucky recipient of this elegant India Hicks candle! I'm one of those gals who rarely wins anything, so I was pretty excited, not to mention I am a candle addict

I would like to thank Joan and Patricia Van Essche of PVE Design, a director at India Hicks who provided the candle for the giveaway.

I chose the black hibiscus scent, partly because the description sounded great ("England in the tropics, captured by the suggestion of sea air, oranges and Earl Grey tea") and partly because of the black glass jar and gold lid. So luxurious!

 Second photo credit: India Hicks


  1. What a pretty and nice smelling candle to win! I have trouble with candles lately, they tend to give me a headache. I am going to try some beeswax candles soon. Best, Cari.

    1. Beeswax candles are wonderful! I have one and it burns nicely. The natural scent is terrific too.

  2. ohhh, I'm so happy to hear that you love the candle Claudia! It really does sound lovely. Happy New Year to you and your family! Kisses to the pups for me! xxoj

    1. Yes, it's so nice, thank you, Joan. Happy New Year to you too, with hugs and kisses to your three doggies!


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