Saturday, April 29, 2017

British Car Show

Last weekend we attended a British car show held at a vineyard. There were many vintage and antique British automobiles, as well as new ones. Unfortunately we didn't get to see them all because after a short time there the skies turned dark, then the rain came and all the car owners left. Can't blame them. 

My husband and I love antique cars. We wish we could own one, but since we don't have a garage, it's not practical unless we stored it somewhere. Maybe one day ...

We struck up a conversation with this couple (we were drawn to their beagle). They own a pair of vintage Austin Coopers in the same shade of green. The gentleman has owned one of the two cars since high school.

We hadn't been to this vineyard before. It's a lovely place, and their wine is pretty good too. When the thunder, lightning and rain started, we headed indoors for a wine tasting -- and took home a few bottles. By the way, you may have heard how much rain the Southeast has gotten in the past week. We recorded more than 8 inches of rain in less than a week in our back yard rain gauge.

What fun things are you enjoying this spring? Tell me! I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So cool! Love all things antique, especially antique autos! Thank YOU for sharing your adventures!!

  2. Beautiful photos. Love the contrast with the stormy skies. I love car shows! I am still holding out for an old pick-up truck...maybe one day!


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