Sunday, June 25, 2017

In Full Bloom

I might say this every year, but I truly believe the dahlia garden has never looked prettier than it does this year. Now that the garden is fuller, the plants are supporting one another a little more -- but they still need plenty of bamboo stakes for stability. Some of the plants are very tall and leggy. Does anyone know a trick to make them more compact? 

I'm loving the newest varieties my husband planted this spring. Take a look!

The tried-and-true giant yellow dahias are doing well, too. In the photo below you can see our neighbor's kitchen window. She says she's enjoying the view of our dahlia garden, which is so nice to hear. I've been cutting flowers and giving them to several neighbors to enjoy. It's wonderful to have so many beautiful blooms to share!

Here are the first two cherry tomatoes from my container plant, which is coming along very nicely. It has crowded out the herbs (mental note: next year, put only a tomato plant in the container). The rosemary and lavender have been transplanted to other pots, but the celery herb, parsley and thyme remain in the container with the tomato plant.

The perennial coreopsis Zagreb, below, has come back nicely. Last year two of the three plants all but died. The foliage turned black, and we were just sick about it. The third plant hung on. We thought about removing the two, and now I'm so glad we didn't. Plants are strange things, aren't they? So temperamental. I found a good overview of coreopsis Zagreb here. Aside from being a nice perennial, it's also tolerant of both humidity and dry heat, is deer resistant and attracts butterflies. I really like how it has filled out and how it looks between the rock border and the fence. I'm so happy with how the garden is coming along. I owe it all to the hard work of my husband, who does all the planting. I love the planning, but not the planting!

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  1. The dahlias are gorgeous. I wish I could grow them, but the tubers are just too tempting for our multitudes of voles.


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