Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Dahlias in the Garden

We returned from a week at the beach to find the dahlia garden in nearly full bloom. What a nice welcome home!

Earlier this spring, Paul planted some new dahlias and I'm loving their deep red colors. They are spectacular! I snipped some to create a little arrangement for the bathroom sink. They include a deep red flower (front and center below), a lighter red bloom that has some yellowish petals toward the back, and a magenta flower. Such pretty colors!



  1. Simply beautiful blooms! I live in Florida where dahlias don't do well, so I'm just a little envious....

    Thanks. Paula

  2. Such lovely blooms! I can't walk past the dahlias at the garden centre without thinking of you.

    We have had such a cold and wet spring. The only thing blooming right now are the peonies, but with all the rain, they hang their heads and fade quickly. The smell is intoxicating though.

    Hopefully you are having great weather, and all your flowers are happy!


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