Thursday, June 1, 2017

This and That

Hi there. How did it get to be June already? I have no specific topic for today's post ... just thought I'd share a little of this and a little of that, a few things I've been enjoying lately that you may find interesting (or not, but I hope you do). First up, this pretty glass canister with olive wood lid.

I have two of them in my kitchen. They're from Williams Sonoma (no, this is not a sponsored post; I wish). I got the first one for free by redeeming some bonus points. I liked it, so I ordered a second one using more bonus points a couple of months later. The lid on the first canister fit perfectly, but the one on the second canister not as well. I read the single review of this product on the website and it was quite negative, the major complaint being that the lids don't fit well. The lid on my second canister isn't so awful that it warranted returning the item. It just requires a little twisting motion to get it to fit tightly. In the photo below you may be able to see how the lid on the right looks a little askew. It doesn't bother me, though. Plus, it was free, so no complaints here.

I have this coffee "station" set up (but I keep only the canisters on the counter) where I make coffee using a French press. It's a pleasant morning ritual, when I have time for it. My husband spoke so highly of his Yeti travel mug that I finally bought one. It's amazing how long coffee stays HOT. Sometimes I burn my lips and mouth on coffee that's been sitting in the mug for over an hour. Several times I've forgotten about the Yeti's heat retention and have taken a swig while in my morning staff meeting. I have to keep from spewing coffee all over the table and saying a curse word, it's so hot. I don't know if this is a good product endorsement or not. (It is.)

Last fall I bought my husband a Yeti cooler for his birthday, something he'd been wanting for a while. He loves it, and I know it will come in handy during our trip to the beach this year. I plan to fill it with food we probably won't be able to get at the small beach grocery store (like Noosa yogurt, which I'm addicted to).

Speaking of coffee, here's a gorgeous coffee table book I recently added to my limited collection of interior design books. The book features interiors of the nearly 12 homes Ellen DeGeneres has owned and decorated over 25 years. Her style is unique and eclectic, and  a little on the masculine and modern side, which is why both my husband and I like it so much. This is the first interior design book that we agree on. My design tastes span a wide range of styles, but Paul's are a bit more narrow (not a criticism, just a fact). Page after page, he kept saying "Wow," and "Cool."

Ellen's art collection is pretty great, and aren't these sheep a hoot? If I had a larger house, I'd have some fun with quirky objects like this.  

Changing gears, let's talk fashion. While I would never call myself a fashionista, and this will never be a fashion blog, I do feel compelled to write a little bit about my favorite line of clothing, Eileen Fisher

If you take a peek at my Style board on Pinterest, you'll see a common thread, so to speak: lots of black and grey, with unstructured knitwear making up the majority of what I gravitate to. I went by the mall on Memorial Day to use a couple of coupons ($20 total with no merchandise exclusions!) at Belk, where I planned to buy a refill of Bobbi Brown powder. First I made a detour to the Eileen Fisher department where I found a wonderful organic linen dress, below. It was half price, plus I used the $20 in coupons toward the purchase. I was pretty darn excited. Over the years I have bought many Eileen Fisher pieces and still have most of them. They're classic and timeless. The quality is excellent, so the clothes last for years and years, making the cost a little more bearable.

(photo: Eileen Fisher)

I wore the dress with black Eddie Bauer leggings ($14 on sale -- they're the best ever! I own several pairs) and new Kork-Ease sandals, which I had also gotten on sale for a killer price a few weeks ago. Sorry about the shoes being out of focus. Apparently my camera was focused on the dress. Can you see the touch of blue in the weave of the linen fabric?

What's new and interesting in your corner of the world? Do share! I love hearing from you. As always, thanks for stopping by the Bungalow.


  1. I love this post, Claudia. I love seeing what other people are liking and buying, especially when you've taken the time to curate and select what's right for you. I saw some vintage kitchen canisters in a beautiful butter yellow, 1930s style, with French labelling and I swear, I nearly bought them for you! How funny is that!?

    When our renovations are done, one of those sheep in Ellen's book is coming home with me. A knitting friend has one, and they are beyond fabulous. I love Ellen's taste, and if I won the lottery, I probably would just buy and renovate old houses...maybe we should finish ours first, though?

    My latest find is a Turkish cotton bath towel. The brand I bought is Lualoha, and I am in love. I have been using just (!) a hand towel to dry myself off, because eco-freak here somehow can't justify laundering huge bath sheets. The new Turkish towel is woven cotton fabric, not terry cloth, so it launders easily and dries literally in minutes when hung in the sun. Now I can wrap myself up when I step out of the shower, and not daintily dry myself with a hand towel anymore, hahaha!

    I love Eileen Fisher, but with the current CAD/US exchange, I need to take a pass. We are getting a Marshall's soon, so I might get lucky and find a few pieces there. You and I both like the same kind of clothing. I also went and blew a ton of accumulated gift cards at the mall the other day, and really hit pay dirt. I stocked up at the MAC counter, bought a green cargo jacket, a blue leather tote bag, (made in Italy no less!) and a pair of Aigle rubber boots, because it has NOT stopped raining here. I do that sort of shopping once a year, so I was a happy camper with my finds.

    Well, enjoy your new things and have a nice weekend! I have a crazed Mockingbird that won't shut up outside, so I'm off to bed before it starts its nightly non-stop singing.

    1. Oh how I love your replies, Ann. Such fun to read. Now, you must post about your Turkish towel. So funny that you've been using a hand towel!

      We've been sleeping with the window open and the birds start so early in the morning, before sunrise. The other morning I was semi-awake when the first bird made a loud whistle. Paul was asleep but he jumped at the sound. It was kind of funny. Then the rest of the chorus chimed in and it was hard for me to fall back to sleep.

      Have a great weekend!

  2. Good post. Like the sandles. Are they Nara? I like them enough to buy a pair.For the 2nd time in six months our French Press carafe has slipped out and broke , just this morning. Ugh and ha! This time I had a back up. I love everything Linen. Living in arizona it is a must.The price of those stinkin' Yeti's ...they better be good, right?

    1. Thanks, Karen. The sandals are called Tiffani and the maker is Korks by Kork-Ease. I found the Korks website but there's now way to purchase online, which is odd. I bought mine at a local dept. store.

  3. I love your posts! I feel like I am sitting with you in your kitchen and sharing that wonderful hot cup of coffee.
    Thanks for sharing all your tidbits. You are such a joy to read!

  4. Hi Claudia. Great minds think alike! I love korkease sandals, I love that Eileen Fisher Dress and I love Ellen's style! I am going to check out the eddie bauer leggings...was there one style in particular that you liked?


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