Saturday, July 8, 2017

7 Perfect Cocktails for Summer

Summertime is cocktail season. When we were at the beach in early June, we enjoyed gin and tonics and Tom Collins cocktails nearly every day (you know you're on vacation when 3 in the afternoon rolls around and you start fixing gin and tonics!). I thought I'd share some new cocktail recipes with you (that feature a sparkling red wine called Rosa Regale) as well as some favorites I've featured on the blog before.


Bella Rosa (pictured above)
Mix 1 oz. raspberry vodka and 1 oz. pineapple juice in a shaker filled with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass. Top with 2 oz. chilled Rosa Regale wine. Garnish with pineapple spear.

I haven't tried the next one, and would have to buy more wine in order to make it, but it sounds really good.

Rosa Mimosa
Mix 2 oz. chilled orange juice and 1 oz. triple sec (orange flavored liqueur). Pour into flute glass and top with 2 oz. chilled Rosa Regale. Garnish with a strawberry

Find more Rosa Regale recipes here.

One of  my favorite summer cocktails is the Tom Collins (gin is my favorite liquor).

These blueberry margaritas are pretty yummy, too.

This cocktail has Pimm's, gin and St. Germaine elderflower liqueur. It is one of my very favorites. Go here to see the recipe, which was given to me by a bartender at the restaurant that invented it -- very generous of her!

This next drink, thyme lemonade, can be served nonalcoholic or spiked with gin. I forgot about this one -- I need to make it again. It's delicious!!!

And summer wouldn't be complete without watermelon margaritas. This recipe is unique and delicious (though, as I mentioned in the post, a bit labor intensive).

What is your drink of choice -- alcoholic or not -- during the sweltering months of summer? Leave a comment here and share your favorites! Thanks for visiting My Little Bungalow.


  1. Thank you for this drink roundup! I have been meaning to try some new cocktails, and this gives me the perfect excuse to move beyond my beloved G&T!

  2. I enjoy a good slush drink in the summer. I just made a new recipe which was very refreshing: 12 oz can frozen lemonade, 12 oz vodka, 24 oz water, zest of one lemon. Freeze for 8 hours. Serve as is or pour ginger ale or 7-up over.

    1. Ooh, that sounds tasty, refreshing and easy! Do you combine in the blender first and then freeze? What kind of container do you freeze it in? I assume it's not frozen solid since the vodka doesn't freeze. Do you just scoop it into glasses?

    2. No blender! Frozen lemonade concentrate is easy to squeeze out of the container into a bowl. Then I filled the container with vodka and poured it in the bowl with the concentrate, then two containers of water poured in. Zest of the lemon in last and mix. I put the mix in a Tupperware type container and popped it in the freezer. It scoops out fairly easily. You can "drink" it as is or add ginger ale or 7-up. We had it with ginger ale. Easy and delicious. Hope you try it!

  3. Your drinks look delish! I finally tried some Saint-Germain last night. Was it ever amazing! I'll be picking up a bottle on my next trip to the liquor commission.

    Do you have any tequila recommendations? I need to get on the margarita bandwagon this summer, too.

    One of our favorite iconic Canadian drinks is a Bloody Caesar made with vodka and Mott's Clamato juice. While Clamato sounds off-putting, it's actually very good. We've dubbed them Bloody Seizures, especially when you're onto number 2 or (gasp!) 3.

    Hope your weather is better than ours, and that you're enjoying many beautiful evenings on your veranda.


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