Sunday, November 18, 2018

Small Changes to Give the House an Autumnal Feel

As the seasons change, I like to make small changes in some rooms of our house to reflect the new season. The bathroom can be an overlooked room, but I find that small touches such as pretty soaps and a vase of fresh flowers can make a big difference. 

From spring into mid-fall, I am lucky to have gorgeous dahlias to cut from our garden and put around the house, including in the bathroom. The white vanity top and subway tile backsplash are the perfect backdrop for a vase of colorful flowers. Now that autumn is here, and our dahlias are finished blooming, I choose simple flowers from the grocery, such as these rust-colored mums. I think they look quite pretty in this green vase. The rust and the green also coordinate with the accent tiles in our shower.

Another small change you can make as one season moves into another is to switch out your hand soap. Both the scent and the color of the dispenser can add to the feel of a particular season. In the summer, I like using a lavender scented foaming hand soap in a white container (I just removed the label from the Whole Foods soap container to make a plain white dispenser). With autumn here, I changed out the soap to a chamomile liquid soap in a deep brown glass dispenser. The soap is very lightly scented and good for dry hands. I bought this at Home Goods, where I also found one of my favorite soaps, EO Essentials in lemon verbena scent, which I use at the kitchen sink.

Sometimes just putting a new item out on a shelf can provide a small update. On the glass bathroom shelf, I added a bright blue box from one of my husband's favorite soaps, a Swedish-style sea salt soap made in USA and sold at West Elm.

A locally made bar of tea soap scents the room with a spicy aroma that is great in the fall. It also looks pretty in a vintage planter layered with an off-white bar and a natural sponge. Room spray in frosted clove by Williams Sonoma is perfect for fall and winter. 

How do you update your home when the seasons change?


  1. Hello and how are you? I had the best vacation ever, but now it's back to reality and...snow! I am not prepared for this.

    Your little touches are fabulous. I love rust-coloured mums and always used to buy them in pots during fall, but I haven't seen them in recent years. I have candles all around the house. The cats have learned to leave them alone, which I can't say about other decorating touches.

    I am planning a run to Ikea sometime this week. They have some nice new holiday decorations. Normally I put star lights up in the windows, but with the kitty-hooligans in residence, I've been holding off. Hopefully I can find something kitty-proof.

    I have a few Christmas-y table runners that I use only in winter. I have them in several colours, but when the burgundy or light blue ones come out of hiding, the holidays can officially begin.

    Are you hosting family for Thanksgiving? We are having a raclette to celebrate a good friend's birthday tomorrow night, and this will signal the beginning of our holiday season. I could probably "up" the holiday decoration a bit, so maybe I'll work on that a bit...

    Hope you are enjoying nice weather, and that you have an extra-long weekend coming up!

    1. Hello Ann. I'm well, thanks. I'm so glad you had an amazing vacation! Italy, right? Thanks for your sweet note. I never thought about cats getting into things. Our old dogs are SO easy, they don't get into anything.

      Yes, we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house, as usual. My husband's birthday is today. It usually isn't this close to Thanksgiving. His family came to town and we had a celebratory dinner out. Today he spent the afternoon on his boat and we're going out for dinner again tonight. Then in only 4 days we see his family again for T'giving dinner. I'm off Wednesday through Friday for the holiday. I take Wed. off so I can do some meal prep ahead of time.

      As always, so nice to hear from you! Take care.

  2. I also like to change out the hand soap and I change the candles I use in the bathroom. I always have a votive on the back of the toilet, plus I may have another candle on the counter.


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